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The Difference Between The Best And Worst Pension Incomes Can Be Very Surprising

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Annuities 'Last For a Lifetime'

26 August 2011. An expert's claimed that an annuity makes a good investment because it lasts a lifetime. According to Fiona Tait, in the FT, retirees should not be deterred from making the alternative investment because of falling rates and dwindling pension funds. "There's no doubt this will cause short term problems for some individuals but is there some good that could come of it?" she asked. "Annuities are for life. The key upside of a conventional annuity is that it doesn't run out." ...Annuity Rates News

Expert says no time to lock into conventional annuity

11 August 2011. Those approaching retirement have been advised not to lock into conventional annuities amid tumbling markets. MGM Advantage has said pension investors might consider flexible annuities instead as a more lucrative alternative...Flexible Annuities News

Thinking Ahead About Retirement: Retirees Advised To Seek IFA Guidance

1 August 2011. Those thinking about retirement are being advised to seek out the help of Financial Advisers (IFAs). Which Advisor made the recommendation, which showed up to 90 percent of IFAs believe the recent decreases to annuity rate payments will increase consumer demand for annuity alternatives to ...Retirement IFA Advice News

The Pru issues warning over fixed-term annuities

9 June 2011. The Pru has warned that products are "bizarrely" governed by income drawdown rules and urges advisers to check explanation of risk in suitability letters. Prudential Annuities have issued a warning to advisers over fixed-term annuities, saying that clients may not understand the risk profile of the product. The comments follow the launch of new fixed-term annuities by providers such as Just Retirement Annuities, Living Time Annuities and LV Annuities...Fixed Term Annuities News

Higher annuity rates may not last long

2 June 2011. The Pru reports that those who are currently enjoying higher annuity rates might find that this trend is only short-term. It's possible that the UK is unlikely to see the long-term continuation of these high rates...Pru Annuity Rates News

Consumers 'need more education' over annuities

11 May 2011. When it comes to annuity products, UK consumers need to be provided with an even greater level of education by firms operating in the country's financial services sector, it has been suggested. The Open Market Option is one area where further information could be provided to people, according to MGM Advantage...Call for Annuities Education

Top Prudential exec slams Govt annuity policy

Government opposition to forced annuitisation ignores the fact people want to buy annuity products, argues Prudential...Prudential Annuities

Shopping around 'can improve annuity income'

Prudential Annuities: Shopping around for annuities using the Open Market Option could prove a very useful option for those seeking such products in the near future, according to one firm. A feature which appears on the Hargreaves Lansdown...Open Market Option

Older workers 'should not simply opt for default annuities'

Prudential Annuities: It is important that UK consumers look beyond the default annuity products that people's pension providers may offer to them, Sun Life Financial has highlighted...Sun Life Annuities

Consumers 'should research available annuity products'

Prudential Annuities: UK workers who are nearing their retirement should ensure that they take the time to research the annuities that are potentially available to them, according to Rockingham Retirement...Rockingham Retirement Annuities

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